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7 October 2004

Thomas Pollio c/o Branford Podiatry 125 Rogers Street Branford, CT 06405 USA

Sehr geehrter Herr Schmidt:

I've read with great interest your information on the internet on "Aktion Rose," and want to know if you have any information which would help me locate records on the fate of the parents of my wife, Valaria Micheala. My wife is a refugee from the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik, and, like yourself, lived in the former Bezirk Rostock, near Rugen on the Baltic Coast. And, like yourself, she was expelled from her home during the land reorganizations of 1952-1953,

Her parents parents were forced to give her up for adoption, and, along with many other orphaned children, was flown by the United States and British Air Force to the former West Germany. The fate of her own parents is unknown, although they were probably executed by the East German authorities. Because the children given up for adoption were only allowed to do so as "anonymous orphans," my wife does not know her last (family) name. Her name, Valaria Micheala, is a combination of her mother's first (Christian) name (Valaria), and her father's first name (Micheal).


While growing up in Catholic boarding schools in West Germany, she was told her parents had lived in or near a place called "Inglestat" or "Ingelstat," which was near the Baltic Coast (I do not mean Ingolstadt, which was not in Bezirk Rostock). Because we cannot be certain of her exact place of birth, or of her parent's last (family) name, the Red Cross and the German government authorities have been unable to help us locate any family she may still have in her area.

Do any of the records you mention on your web site contain the names. Valaria or Micheal? Any Information you can provide would be appreciated. You can write to rne at the address above, or call me by telephone in the United States at 203-481-8969. q p or by email:

Thomas Pollio

Mit freund Grüßen,

Thomas Pollio

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